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Google Adwords Ads

Google AdWords ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches Google using one of your keywords. That way, you'll be advertising to audiences interested in their business.

Google AdWords Advertising services (also known as Google Ads) allows donors to pay for Google to be listed on the first page position when customers search for certain keywords. This will make possible donors are marketing your website to the right customers selectively and efficiently.

Advertising costs depend on the number of clients you wish to access the website and the keywords you choose to advertise. If the larger your budget you can choose multiple keywords at the same time attract more visits to customer sites. However, we are constantly looking to optimize costs for our customers. So rest assured that you can start using the service with appropriate budget adwords.

We have the high optical Google service pack suitable for many customer needs. Please contact us to receive a detailed quote Google Adwords advertising service.

Advertising Consultant: Technical Proficiency and knowledge of Online Marketing, we advise customers to choose keywords, budget, time for Google ad campaign, in line with the product / service your business.

Establish ad: Set campaign is the most important factor affecting the effectiveness of the campaign. InetAds proud to have a lot of experience and understanding of Google Adword service we bring you a fresh strategy in line with product / service of your business.

Monitoring advertising: We replace your operations closely monitoring ad campaign: quality monitoring keywords (ad impressions, click-through rate), check the volatility of the price tag (current bid ) and the impact to improve keyword quality (quality Score) so that you always have the most beneficial bid. This work is done several times a day regularly to ensure campaigns are most effective operation.

Effective Report: Detailed report to you periodically (weekly / monthly / quarterly) or at any time when you require. Results report will help you know the useful information such as ad impressions, clicks, actions of the client in the process of visiting the website (convergence tracking). Reports also indicate the details of your customer as a country, to follow certain keywords, access time of the day, the content on the web is the most preferred hotel and a lot of useful information other.

Other professional activities: Consultant foreword, pricing plans according to the proposed budget, the campaign split into small groups of online ads for each keyword phrase, to exploit the advantages of each keyword and other tips to help you achieve high efficiency.

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