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Seo web design standards

SEO website design is to help prepare for the website to be optimized (onpage optimization, optimal speed, user-friendly, friendly search engines) makes tag on products, services, public your company has good results on the search engines easily and quickly.

The website design in recent years is no longer simply to provide enough information, enough functionality that users require. Website now requires the building to calculate and ensure dozens of important criteria for sites with the ability to locate the best brands, have high competitiveness on search engines to attract users to use Web services provide the first sight and that is very important.

Website SEO standards different from a normal website?

Website often:

 Fully functional but not friendly to search engines.

Interactivity with Search Engine (search engine) poor.

 Not standardized configuration before handing Onpage SEO.

 Low quality scores result in a bid to run ads Google Adwords high -> The cost of advertising is higher than normal.

 No tools are integrated to support leading SEO, time consuming, effort, costs in the process of doing SEO.

Website SEO standards:

 Website SEO standards supported full-featured, user-friendly and search engines.

 Standard Website SEO optimized content, keyword friendly URLs, web load faster speed

 Score high quality, greatly reducing the cost up to run Google Adwords advertising.

 Integrated support tools leading SEO helps improve productivity, reduce costs in the process of doing SEO.

The advantage of the system's SEO website design standards ONME

 Configuring the title, description, keywords, tags Heading 1 for each category and a separate article.

 Install Google Analytics, Webmaster tools help you manage site traffic easy to identify, care for potential customers

 The admin interface is designed scientific, the most eye-catching so far. System administrators Vietnamese 100% customer help website administrator 1 easiest way.

 Website standardized configuration before handing Onpage SEO.

 Support 100% standardized configuration before handing Onpage SEO.

 Integrated automatic function Ping articles to search engines when up articles.

 Sitemap automatically ping, categories to the search engines.

 Report google index index, Alexa each day.

 Autofill ALT tags (description tag for images) when up photos to post.

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