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Since ancient times, enriched by business methods, sales are no less passionate. But not everyone has the qualities of business, whether the product sales business like high quality no matter what! A wise trader knows who always changing, always grasp clearly understand the market and customer psychology which can advertise their product sales most effective way

Here are some of the benefits could be seen clearly that the sales website design gives you:

- Cost savings established and maintained through design store sales website

- Connect to buy - sell whether you anywhere

- Improve the ability to scale operations

- Do not be limited in time

- Website helps measure sales, quality control better business

- Save time

Once you understand the effectiveness and importance of the need to design your website sales probably also want to own a website optimal sales. So as website sales are considered the standard? Here are the standards required for a sales website:

 - Highly customizable Up: Interface convenient to do so, as well as interact with customers effectively, for example:

Lets create catalogs Unlimited number and categories.

Lets show the list of products in many different forms, for example as list (list), a grid (Grid).

Show diversified products in each product value (known as product attributes) eg clothing products (Yes size, color), laptops (There Ram configuration, CPU ...).

- Support SEO: This is an indispensable requirement for any Web site when you want the product, its services to numerous users. Before you can optimize SEO article content standards, you need to optimize the code.

- Simple Order: Lists the order on a sales website as required functions for each site, but if your designs have ordered too complex will cause users discomfort.

- Support for mobile: Google constantly evaluating your website based on user interaction, more current mobile devices and will be even more popular. The website you integrate mobile interface substantially in value as well as business promotion.

- Support Payments Online

- Online Support: Live Chat, Support, contacts, ...

That is the basic criteria required for a sales website. Specifically you need to have the module website you can refer to the following modules:

1. Module company introduction:

- Presentation of introductory information on the company, activities, organizational structure, the member unit ...

2. Module introduce products and services:

- Provide customers with the necessary information about the products and services are divided by categories each with multiple product categories within the list presented in the form of products and services. These components can include pictures, descriptions and prices, and unlimited product catalog.

3. Module customers - partners:

- Help bring information on partners and customers, the company's projects.

4. Product Management Module:

- You can add / delete / modify product categories, unlimited quantities.

5. Module Cart - Shopping Cart:

- Includes cart functions, orders, customer management ... Customers can select products and place an order registration is easy.

6. Module new products:

- Show the product / service of the company latest by the typical image, customers can click on the image to view product information and detailed picture of the product.

7. Module utilities, poll:

- Helps you to collect customer feedback most efficiently

8. Module search:

- Lets find the information on the website with relevant keywords.

9. Ad Module:

- Allows placing advertising logos, banners on the website

10. Recruitment Module:

- Display employment information, job opportunities

11. Module online contact:

- Provide 1 online forms allow joint customers can easily send ngiep assessments, comments as well as their claims to now.

Module 12 counts the number of people who visit our website:

- Provide information on the number of people accessing the company website

13. Module Language:

- A language (can add a variety of languages ​​such as English, French, Russian, Chinese, Korean ...)

Why website designing services VDO sale?

- Seo Friendly interface standard, fast load speed

- Website display categories, products are divided according to different genres

- Function compare prices, Wishlist, cart

- Provides detailed information about each product to customers: As the product name, product price, product image, information described in detail, the properties of the product, if any

- Allows customers to order online and offer payment methods and shipping to customers.

- Statistics of the product sold, inventory

- Provides quotes for customers and dealers.

- Compatible mobile devices and many different browsers

- Online support for customers interested in the product of the company.

- Design professional art

- Time to complete: 15 days when customers browse the website interface

- Interface: According to customer requirements, support mobile

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