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Interface design techniques

UI design is a repeating process includes collaboration between the user and the designer. In this process consists of three basic operations:

- Analysis of users: learn what the user will do with the system.

- Preparation of the sample system: build a set of samples for testing

- Evaluation interface: testing the samples with the user.


- Understand the process of designing the user interface

- Know the details of each activity in the process of designing the user interface

- With every operation, we have a lot of ways to do this. Therefore, to have the ability to choose which method is most appropriate for each specific situation.

Analysis users

If we do not understand what users want to do with the system, then we will not be able to design an effective interface.

Analysis users must be described in those terms to users and other designers can understand.

The context in which we describe the actions in it is one way of describing a user analysis. We can get a lot of requests from that user.

The analytical techniques:

- Analysis of tasks: modeling the steps to take to complete a task.

- Analysis of the tasks assigned.

- Interviews and tests: ask users about what they do. When interviewed, we should rely on the open-ended questions. Then, the user provides the information that they think it is necessary; but not all of the information that can be used. Also, we can do an interview with the group of users, which allows users to talk to each other about what they do.

- Description: observing users working and asked them about the ways in which nothing is known. Remember that many of the users tasks intuitive and very difficult to describe and explain them. Based on this technique we can understand more about the impact of social and organizational impact on the job.

Up sample UI

Sample allows users to get direct experience with the interface. Without such direct experience, it is not possible to evaluate the possible use of the interface.

Making test specimen is a process consisting of two states:

- Preparation of the samples on paper.

- Fine-tune and build our sample

The sampling techniques to try:

- Sample direction prototype: using tools such as Macromedia Director to build a collection of prototypes and screen. When users interact with them, the screen will change to the next status display.

- Intuitive Programming: using language designed for rapid development such as Visual Basic.

- Sample based internet and web browser using scripts.

Rating user interface

We should evaluate the design of the user interface to determine its suitability. However, the assessment on a large scale is costly and not feasible for most systems.

The simple assessment techniques:

- Test the feedback of users

- Record the use of system prototypes and evaluate it.

- Selection of information on the use easy and user errors.

- Provide the code in the software to collect user feedback an online way.

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