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Techniques harmonious color schemes

With a number of printed materials, such as books or cards, web designs using color to create hierarchy, draw the eye and add the form to. However, if you know a little about color theory will help you do a better job of blending online projects. Here is an overview of the principles of color, give you new knowledge to apply in choosing colors for web design. Also, join an art class at the art school also helps you understand more about the basic theory of color.

Standard: Principles round color (Color Wheel Theory)

As a designer, to become familiar with the basic properties of light or visible color is really necessary. There is a lot of information about this art field. There are also many courses dedicated to the study of color and its properties. However, now pay attention to the color (hue) (or the color is created from other colors).

Harmony and color trends

The harmony of the colors are the basic elements in the creation of the interface color. The common interface easy to lose color because depending on the trend. For example, in the 50s, the trend colors of the American culture is bright, and the dominant color is: Yellow, Blue and Red. But in the 60s, the trend follower earthy colors and pastel. Then, 70s, 80 light neon rage. However, today we can create a lot of color through digital format, making it difficult to identify the interfaces (themes) more. We also advantageous because it allows us the freedom to create unique themes using color harmony.

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