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Color also gives people arouse much emotion, quickly convey the message unlike any means of communication. So, choose a suitable color for the company is a very important job at branding.

The color was chosen to appear on any promotional materials of the company as the product logo and packaging, communication materials and publications, marketing ... selected color should match the company trades business.

For example in the field of car rental, Hertz No. 1 brand on the service chosen yellow. Therefore Avis, a brand that had chosen the red runner. Similarly in Vietnam, Vina brand chose yellow taxi, the Mai Linh should choose another color that is green.

For example in the field of fast food, McDonald chose yellow and so KFC had chosen red. According to studies, the yellow and red is hot, feeling hungry so often used in restaurant dining.

Here are some of the psychological significance of color for your reference when using the brand design:

Blue: Blue cause people to feel about trust, reliance and responsible financial and guaranteed. Blue makes people think of the sun and the sea, causing a feeling of peace and likeable. If you do business in the financial sector, banks, should choose blue as color logo as it is transmitted to people and evoke stable master trust.

Red: The color red stimulates the pituitary gland, which increases the heartbeat and causes people to gasp. Visceral reaction of the body when exposed red makes people aggressive, powerful, stimulating. Therefore, the eatery KFC, McDonald's usually choose red. Choose red to cause another person a passionate response, though not always in the direction favorable response. For example, red is often a sign of danger. In general, Europeans not very popular in red, on the contrary, residents of Asia, including Vietnam sees red is lucky, demonstrating the spirit to fight, to win.

Green: In general, green implied health, freshness and calm. Nhat bold colors are also different meanings. Such dark green symbolizes wealth and prestige. Pale green to show calm.

Yellow: Both East and West are considered yellow symbolizes the sun. Thus, yellow represents optimism, positive, gentle and warm. In various shades depending who feel, but also to express yellow creative engineers and vitality. Yellow eyes first realized, so the eye-catching yellow will shoppers when placed on shelves along with other products.

Purple: Purple is the color appropriate to the chosen brand for innovative products. Mix of red and blue, purple stimulate occult, the sophistication, the factors considered in the spirit and purple is often associated with royalty. Lavender stimulate nostalgia and sentimentality.

Pink: The signal is emitted from pink intense emotions. Dark pink express vitality, youthful, fun and exciting. Pink suitable for products that are not expensive and fashionable for women and girls. I felt pale pink endearing, as pale as romantic.

Orange: Orange causes a sense of happiness, openness and vitality. Orange red and yellow mix and collective feeling usually associated with childhood. Research shows that attractive pale orange with goods for the high-end market, suitable for medical services, hotels and beauty institutes for women.

Brown: Brown demonstrates the simplicity, simplicity, durability and stability. However, brown easily make some people feel less positive because it is not clean. Brown ceramic gives people a sense of value. Brown related to soil fertility should be appropriate for the type of truck and the companies operating in the industry.

Black: Black expressing serious, bold, powerful and classic. Create dramatic black and sophistication. Black matches those expensive products, but also make the product look heavy.

White: White implies simplicity, cleanliness and purity. Recognize the human eye is bright white should wear white products featured first. White is suitable for products related to children's ages and other products related to health.

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